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Publishing Plans

It is my intention to publish more gaming material, but before doing so I would love to receive feedback from anyone happening upon these pages about things they would like (or wouldn’t like) to see (or would like more details about). I’m also happy to hear from artists, writers or publishers who might be interested in getting involved with any of these projects in some way.

The following ideas are all on the board….

  • A re-release of First Spawn (a game of diabolical Darwinism).
  • A tongue-in-cheek and somewhat non-PC game set after the end of the world in December this year.
  • A pair of intertwined games set in the 15th/16th century involving the Rosicrucians, Bankers and secret conspiracies. (There are also offshoots to the past and the present, for those who are interested.)
  • A fantasy world more in the vein of Empire of the Petal Throne and Glorantha than D&D.
  • A SF wargame (and possibly roleplaying setting) in a rather different type of ‘grimdark’ future.
  • An Indian-inspired roleplaying and/or wargame setting.
  • A setting or campaign inspired by the King In Yellow (but with little or no Cthulhu Mythos connection).
  • A modern day game involving ‘probability math’ in the style of The Dark Side of the Sun.

Of those, First Spawn is (obviously) written and the next four are all about halfway there in terms of writing. Only the Indian-inspired setting has had no work on it, but I would really like to see such a game (and if no one else will do it….). Whether any of them make it into print will largely depend upon what you have to say. Thanks for visiting.

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