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Capsule Review: Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game

September 4, 2013

Following our diversion to the 17th century, we headed for a galaxy far, far away and a long, long time ago with Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game, playing a quick dogfight with the basic rules.

This is an interesting little game that makes use of maneuvers, chosen prior to each turn, that allows for a sort of ‘space ballet’ (albeit in two dimensions) as you attempt to place your fighters to shoot at the enemy. The game gives a great feel of what space combat ought (from our earthbound position) to be like in a way which squares or hexes cannot through the use of cardboard measures that represent straight moves and sharp and gentle turns, as well as the occasional flip. The advanced rules sound as if they should add even more tactical thinking into what becomes an absorbing game in which not much, save repeated circling and maneuvers, seems to happen for a while before that magic moment when you have the enemy in your sights and are praying that you will score a hit.

If it sounds a little boring when I put ‘not much seems to happen’, don’t worry – the tension of trying to second guess your opponent and the desperate hope that you have chosen the right maneuvers to make (as well as the amusing moments when you discover that you didn’t!) makes for a tense game of cunning. I would definitely recommend this!

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